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21 June 2013
6 June 2013
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3 May 2013

Chyle Sanico’s 18th.

image April 13, 2013. There’s not much to say. I looked pretty that night though. I always am pretty. Boo.


Demurest girls.image

I don’t know but my love for this guy’s just so intense. Chos.imageimage

With em hot teas.image

With the super gorg debutante, Chyle.image

After the party, majority of the group went to Patio and so did I. Oh God I miss those drinking sessions with my high school friends way back then. I even got more stoked that night when Pato and friends came. So yeah, we were supposed to be having a YOLO session at the hilltop but oh well, there were things needed to be considered as of that moment so we ended up at Pato’s pad. With a bottle of tequila woohoo. Great conversations were cut loose althroughout the night. I badly needed to go home that night so I headed straight home at around 3 am cause we were gonna have a family affair in the morning. A clan meeting to be specific. Ew. HAHAHA. So yeah that’s it.

29 April 2013
San ka naghighschool?

ADDU High School te. Availerrrrrrrrrrr sa promo

28 April 2013

PART 3. Time to pack our bags and go home.

It’s just so sad. We left Dahican at around 7 in the morning cause the gloomy weather ruined the whole gang’s summer vibe. We had breakfast somewhere at the heart of the city before leaving and shooooot… sun rays. The sun slowly showed up. Ugh, why? Is it too much to ask for a concurrent weather? I’m gonna sue Mr. Sun for deceiving my heart. Lol. We arrived in Davao at 12 noon sharp and the sun was at its peak. The weather’s way way different from Mati’s and I felt like it’s trying to ditch our trip and throw over our adventure. Nahhh!!! Kiss mah ass and fry mah balls Mr. Sun!! ☼ Over all, it still was a great trip with em girls. Let’s do this again some other time. Yeah. Right.




Part 2: Of Bonfires & S’mores

This trip was just so epic that I badly need to separate it into different parts. Please bear with me.

What could be more epic than bonfires and s’mores on the beach? Ahhh, just what I have always dreamed of. Sadly, Jena’s mom does not approve any of these: alcohol, cigars and… sex on the beach. Lol. But that didn’t stop us. Lol. I just hated the fact that we’re like kids who happen to be very naive bout all these. The adults slept just near our tents so we had to be sneaky as possible so we wouldn’t be caught on act. What made it even more thrilling is that Jena’s mom kept on getting up from sleep to look over us. Shit, whenever her mom gets up, I get out of control and panic to hide the booze and shoo the puff of smoke. I know we’re old enough for this shit and I know her rules won’t get us to heaven. I just don’t want to disappoint her. I tell you, she’s too kind to betray. Oooohhhh I know we’re such badasses. Scare me. HAHAHA. Pft.

So yeah, we had s’mores on twigs LOL. And exchanged real conversations. That actually was the highlight of the night, I must say. Yeah I know, our group has a lot of issues. A looooot of shallow issues. But then again, it would be unfair on my part if I keep on ranting against my high school friends so yeah, I won’t. LMAO. Wait there’s more! The whole trip would never be complete without Jena and Cholo’s physical encounters. Duh, what’s new. Hey, you two, don’t take this the wrong way but you’re like fools. These two always put up a fight and would make up in the end. They do this all the time. Ridiculous, eh? Ah, I still love them for being that way!!! They’re just so funny to look at. Hahahah I don’t know what’s into them but they’re the cutest. So yeah, moving on. It’s just so sad, it rained at around 5 in the morning and we got wet inside the tent while sleeping. Like wtf, we just stayed inside for like the whole time while Cholo tried to assemble the waterproof covering on the tent. Shoot, it didn’t work and the wind was just so harsh so we moved out. Dumbasses. Taha. Ugh. It frustrates me even until now, we didn’t expect rain to come cause we were still like chitchatting and star-gazing at around 2 in the morning and the weather’s kinda perfect that very moment. And at around 5, the area’s weather drastically changed, and by that I mean the weather’s bipolar and it’s acting like a bitch and that’s unacceptable!! How disappointing. Too bad we weren’t able to see Mati’s beautiful sunrise. I was looking forward to a sunny weather ahead!!! UGH.

26 April 2013

Random thought.

My heart is pounding as of now, something’s bothering me but I can’t tell why. It’s kinda lame and preposterous. And it made me come to realize there’s no way I’m ever gonna love college nor the people around. I hate my school’s atmosphere, it kinda upsets me. Honestly. The students in school are like skanky whores and arrogant pests who do nothing all day but be competitive and be socially conscious. The kind of crowd I often see at the campus grounds really annoys me. They’re irritating to the eyes, they’re like germs. I know I’m overthinking, but I just wanna turn back time. I badly wanna leave college and go back to high school. Trust me, ADDU high school’s feel is way way way better than college’s. Don’t hate me for saying this, but college is somewhat a pile of shitty assholes and filthy uncivilized retards. And there’s this bunch of new arrogant first year college students who seem to be very proud to refer themselves as true blue Ateneans. Lmao. As if. Well, what can I do? They alreay are. And that’s what makes the school as shitty as it is. It’s a shame that people can be so pathetic these days. I’m not trying to bitch slap someone with that, but well if the shoe fits, why not?

A lot of changes also happened during my first year in college. And what bothers me most as of now is my relationship with my high school friends. All this time I’ve been stressing over them without even realizing that I can definitely live on my own and I can probably be better off without them. But no. They’re a big part of me. Booo, I guess not!!! Well, there are still extenuating circumstances needed to be considered. And must not be talked about, I suppose. Besides, it would be very unfair on my part. HAHAHA only if you knew. So yeah, I must shut my titties before my mouth explodes in here. Lol. I’m tired of ranting against my friends. But then I realized something. It actually is kinda fun when college challenges every aspect of your relationship. Hmmmm. College may seem great but ugh, I wanna die whenever it comes to my mind. It just kills me from the inside.

25 April 2013

PART 1. April 4-5, 2013. Dahican Surf Resort, Mati Davao Oriental


Will post our Mati photos in a few.

Will post our Mati photos in a few.

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